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Leap year proposals are the exception that proves the rule.

The custom has really been only a "safety valve" for women's frustrations at being dependent on men, Parkin said.

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Leap year marriage proposals — where, by custom, women are granted the once-in-four-years privilege of proposing to their beaus — hold the promise of giving women real power in their relationships, but ultimately, they actually undermine women and reinforce long-standing stereotypes about traditional roles, a new paper concludes.

And after examining a century's worth of evidence of societal views of women who propose marriage, the research concludes that we're not likely to see greater acceptance of these proposals anytime soon.

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Parkin's article was published in the January issue of the journal Family History.

Women's right to propose In her research, Parkin pored over references to leap year proposals in postcards, advertisements and newspaper columns dating back to 1904.

The evidence she found suggests that the proposals have always been fairly unusual, and their rarity and the attention given to them has only underscored the idea that in society's view, men should be the ones to initiate marriage.

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