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‘And then as I got older it started becoming more violent, more aggressive and demeaning, I guess.I would watch it kind of multiple times a day and I felt like I couldn’t stop.It wasn’t a fixed park conjured by a world-famous landscape architect, with built-in furniture and plinths and carefully studied circulation corridors.The Lawn on D Street is all about the programming, and the programming—the music, the chairs, the swings, the IPAs in cans—is plunked down on a piece of grass. The convention center, designed by Rafeal Vinoly, is set to expand there; it will soon be a construction site.

It allows intergenerational mutual play to occur throughout the life cycle and stimulates cerebra-cerebellar circuits that we know are hugely important for developmental competency.

Milan (Italian: Milano) is financially the most important city in Italy.

It has the second most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy's largest urban and metropolitan area.

The wildly successful Lawn on D Street, a partnership of Sasaki and Utile with HR&A Advisors, wasn’t planned years in advance.

It wasn’t in the public-realm plan and it was part of no master plan.

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