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A lot of you have liked them.found them really helpful so i figured I'd post them here! ".in side HIS hand I put "because the other was given to someone else" and in MY hand it said "for us to find" and inbetween BOTH hands (the little opening) I put a little heart. shake it up .so I made a wish on the heart..kissed it and shook it up..he does the same.were wishing on the same heart...(we have a "thing" with wishing together.. I made him this paper thing..i cant really explain it..had a quote that said "with love miracles can happen" (or something to that effect) and it said things like "my life" "my smile" "my reason" "my strength" etc etc etc..I wrote "you" all over it in pen so its hard to means that much more when he realizes it..I tied pink ribbon to it.on the ribbon was a little tag that said "my wish" (and if you look at it..looks like my wish is everything on the paper thing..) 4.

Then on the back I put quotes about love and holding hands and hearts ... I sent him OLD things.previous remind him that we are DESTINY.utterly meant to be...things he LOVED but sent them back to me when he was transferred so they wouldnt get lost.yeah i sent em again and little "signs" we get...between me and him..

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2) then I had this TINY TINY little envelope and on the outside I put a "HOMECOMING" sticker on it.things like "I'm so proud of you! " with streamer stickers etc.INSIDE the LITTLE envelope was a MILLION golden confetti pieces... Things that get resent seem to bring out emotions from the initial reaction and it brings back happy memories. I made a little tag.this red heart on it.I put "I, ____ vow to be here in good times and bad.

really...a million and inside was a little piece of paper that said "homecoming prayer" and I wrote a little prayer to God saying how thankful I was for this opportunity.etc..I had a little piece of heart paper.i put "Homecoming wish" and on the back i wrote directions. This is to remind _____ of my UNDYING love for him." And I signed it.tied another ribbon to it..on the ribbon I put the wedding band and engagement ring he sent to me a couple months back (just the pic.) 6.

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