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one of them validate from web service and works good but i want to cancel remote validation in Text Box is empty !I have no problme with validation Rad Input Manager , just if Text Box is empty so validation for call web service will be canceled until Text Box has a value . that resaid before client and server side validation in Rad Input Manger so i can write code here but not working and i can't cancel call web service .In the Q3 2008 release, Telerik introduced a new control to the Rad Controls for ASP. Like Rad Input, it is designed to enable you to provided textboxes to your users that give real-time validation and feedback based on the entered text.The big difference with Rad Input Manager, though, is that you don't have to add lots of Telerik Input controls on your page to get this real-time feedback. NET Text Boxes to Rad Input textboxes via the Rad Input Manager configuration- similar to how you can use Rad Ajax Manager to quickly ajaxify your page without littering it with Update Panels.Let us assume that we have two standard textboxes on the form, and we wanted one of them to exhibit behavior similar to a Rad Text Box, and the other one as a Rad Numeric Text Box.In this case, the declaration of the two textboxes, along with the Rad Input Manager, would look like this: Each of the Setting tags contains a Behavior ID, which is used to identity settings pertaining to a given text box.Whether it's a search form, a login screen or a multi-page registration wizard, Tapestry uses standard HTML forms, with HTTP POST actions by default.In addition, AJAX-based form submission is supported using Zones.

Additionally, we can extend text boxes located in other controls.Tapestry provides support for creating and rendering forms, populating their fields, and validating user input.For simple cases, input validation is declarative, meaning you simply tell Tapestry what validations to apply to a given field, and it takes care of it on the server and (optionally) on the client as well.RADINPUTMANAGER VALIDATION TYPES We won't go in to fully detailing the Rad Input Manager's properties- there are great docs available for that- but I will highlight it's capabilities as a form input validation control.Via the control's simple configuration properties, you can accomplish any of these validations: In addition to these specific validation types, Rad Input Manager allows you make any textbox required (essentially replacing the need for separate required field validators) and it enables any textbox's validation to be declaratively connected to a web service for powerful server-side validation.

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