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You can’t cry every time he doesn’t call you on time and leave radical two-minute voicemails about how you’ll wait up forever for him to call you back like you’re some crazy martyr of romance.Nothing is less cute than someone who isn’t confident in their relationship or themselves.I am Winchester and my special someone is currently in Swansea but will soon be moving to Hampshire so we can be together permanently.People are pursuing marriage in more ways than ever before.

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From the get-go, we committed to 7 months of living in different places and, as with many ambitious pairs, we have done more long distance since.All combined, we've been apart a full year over the course of our three years together.That means that for 12 months we have grown as a couple through Skype, different time zones, and completely different lives. The lessons we learned from afar are numerous, but here are three that I believe will play a dominate role in our future life together.I love plans and order and for everything to fall into place at the “right” time.But I’ve learned, much to my surprise and delight, that you can’t always choose the timing for when you meet the right person. for a summer internship; he was heading to Chile to work and study Spanish.

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