Vatsim intimidating

I'm also 36 years old and am not into the teamspeak and communication thing so talking on my computer is a bit wierd to me.

That's something that the younger crowd probably thinks of as second nature because they have always had communication with gaming.

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VATSIM is like actually flying IRL and talking to ATC as it is IRL. There are people who work as ATC whom you contact while you are flying. I don't know if they have actual flight servers where you would see everyone else that is flying or not. I would like to try it, but it is too much just to try. You have to file flight plans and get your flight rule orders from ATC.As a general rule we will only except pilots with a minimum of 16 years of age.1.2) After joining the VA, and before flying your first flight, pilots are required to read several documents and web site manuals: The "Our Mission" page located at the bottom of the front page.The Flight SOP Manual The Pilot's SOP Manual This is so applicants know how to get started flying with the VA as well as what to expect from our virtual airline.

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