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While most visitors will never experience all its boroughs -- indeed, they'll likely fail to go south of Houston Street -- there are certain characteristics that will land you in good stead from Chelsea to Coney Island, or at least stop New Yorkers from urging you to get on your tractor and ride back to Iowa.While the Woodman offers eerily accurate portraits of Manhattan -- and certain chunks of Brooklyn -- the other boroughs have their own unique character, including neighborhoods full of single family homes with yards and readily available free parking.Growing up, Hal had a lot of problems that his siblings didn't have.He wasn't able to get help from his father because Walter was always too busy joking around with him to be serious when Hal needed him.As part of the sentence, Foard will be required to participate in a treatment program for sexual offenders and attend counselling.The court heard Foard was explicit in explaining his bondage desires to the boy and sent a picture of a leather gag mask, asking him if he’d “wear it for him”, before suggesting they meet in person.“I’m a bit into tying people up….

Tourists find New York a place of endless wonder (Times Square in particular seems to enchant them), to the point that sometimes they're walking along and they just need to freeze right in the middle of the sidewalk and take a photo of Guy Fieri's restaurant.

If, however, a person is distressed by a fetish or if that fetish harms others he or she will likely be eligible for a diagnosis of a "paraphilic disorder." [Hot Stuff?

10 Unusual Sexual Fixations] "This was a way of saying it's OK to have a benign paraphilia," said Ray Blanchard, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto and chair of the working group on sexual and gender identity disorders for the DSM-5.

The vast majority of New Yorkers rely on the vagaries of public transportation and they know when the subway doors close just as you arrive it may mean you get the next one in two minutes or that you never see home again.

Also, if a subway car pulls up and you notice two-thirds of it is packed and the last third is empty, everyone's not too stupid to walk to the end: they just smell something you don't yet.

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